We are passionate about providing affordable healthcare options for our patients.


In our Acu-Nap Room, we offer small-group acupuncture by appointment, with walk-in appointments available on certain days of the week. Our Acu-Nap patients receive wellness acupuncture treatments while resting in one of our recliners in a quiet, tranquil and scent-free environment.

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Treatment Costs

Cost for treatments in our Acu-Nap room are as follows:

$30-$50 sliding scale in our Acu-Nap recliners

$10 processing fee for patients new to our clinic

$35-45 herbal consultations

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Visit Us

We would love to see you. To schedule an appointment, please call/text us at (707) 653-5822.

Walk-In Appointments are currently available Mondays & Thursdays from 1-3pm

*Stay in-touch for updates on added hours*